Kim Woo Bin diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer

His agency has shared that he is currently undergoing treatment

kim woo bin

Korean actor Kim Woo Bin has been diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer – a rare type of head and neck cancer that originates in the nasopharynx (the upper part of your throat that is behind your nose).

His agency, SidusHQ, confirmed that the 27-year-old went to the hospital for an examination as he was feeling under the weather recently. He was then diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer.

They added that he is currently undergoing radiation treatment and taking medication as doctors have advised that it is not too late to do so, and that he will make his showbiz comeback when he is completely healthy.

SidusHQ ended their statement by asking fans to wish him the best during his recovery period.

Kim Woo Bin’s last drama was 2016’s Uncontrollably Fond. It has been announced that production for his new movie Wiretap, which was originally slated for release next year, will be delayed as the director waits for Kim Woo Bin to make a full recovery.

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