South Korean actor Kim Min Joon attended the opening ceremony of a cinema with Hong Kong actress Monie Tung in Hong Kong on September 18.

Min Joon revealed that he likes watching movies so much that he would go to the cinema as often as three times a week, where he would often be recognised by other audience members.

When asked about his future work plans, he said, "I have received several film offers and will let everyone know once I have decided which one to accept. I’m also willing to act in a Hong Kong film!"

Min Joon then revealed that his favourite Hong Kong actor is the late Leslie Cheung. "Unfortunately, I don't have the chance to see him anymore," he sighed.

He also talked about Typhoon Mangkhut, saying, "I saw the news on TV and was worried about Hong Kong. Thankfully, the weather has improved today. I hope I will have time to have fun and eat something delicious."

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