S’pore socialite Kim Lim received “weird” call from Seungri before scandal broke

The daughter of billionaire businessman Peter Lim denies any involvement in the ongoing South Korean saga

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Photos: TPG, Instagram/Kim Lim, Seungri

Local socialite Kim Lim, who is known to be good friends with former BIGBANG member Seungri, says she “had no inkling/idea of the alleged criminal activities going on in Burning Sun/Seungri’s businesses” before the disgraced K-pop star’s nightclub and prostitution saga came to light.

The 27-year-old, whose father is billionaire businessman and Valencia soccer club owner Peter Lim, took to Instagram to clarify her side of the story last Saturday (Mar 23) after a South Korean newspaper published an interview with Seungri, in which he indirectly mentions her, that same day.

In the report, Seungri denied allegations of offering sexual escort services to foreign investors in Club Arena (as reported by news outlet SBS funE in February), claiming that the women were invited to accompany “the daughter of a famous soccer club owner” from Singapore named “Kimmy”, and that they were not prostitutes.

However, according to Kim, such an arrangement never happened. While she was indeed at Club Arena in Seoul on December 9, 2015, and Seungri had arranged for a VIP table for her and her four friends, she asserts that “in NO WAY were there other patrons or staff” with them.

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“I certainly never asked for any ‘girls’ to party with me”, she explained. “This can be vouched for by the 4 people who were part of our group that night. I am embroiled [in] this matter simply because I HAPPENED TO BE THERE THAT NIGHT. I was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The mother-of-one also recalled getting “a few weird questions” from Seungri over the phone “some time before the news broke”. “I don’t know why he called me and how I was involved in this saga at all,” she wrote, adding that she was “left completely confused” after their odd conversation, which she did not elaborate on further.

Kim ended off her posts by emphasising that she is “not involved in any way whatsoever” in the ongoing scandal, and threatened to take legal action against “any media outlets which persist in reporting so”.

Kim and Seungri’s long-time friendship is no secret to the public (or to their social media followers). In 2015, they attended a Valencia vs. Real Madrid soccer match in Spain together, and later that year, when he was stranded in Bali due to a volcanic eruption that shut down the airport, she sent a private jet to pick him up.

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