Singer Khalil Fong gave an interview on a radio show in Hong Kong on January 3 to promote his new single and upcoming March concert.

He shared that he has already prepared the full set list, which will include covers of other artistes' songs. When asked if he has invited any special guest performers, he laughed that he wishes to keep it a secret for now, but hinted that they are all "very handsome". 

Khalil then expressed his admiration for Andy Lau, who was forced to cancel his concert after coming down with a flu and throat infection. "He is really amazing for being able to hold over 10 shows," he said. "To me, my limit is probably about three or four shows! He is a very hardworking senior and he has my full support."

Khalil went on to share that he doesn't really have any special methods for taking care of his voice before a concert, other than making sure he drinks enough water and gets enough rest.

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