Singer-songwriter Khalil Fong held a press conference in Taiwan on June 19 to announce that he will be bringing his TIO concert tour to the Taipei Arena on August 24 this year.

He admitted that he is feeling nervous yet excited about performing at such a huge venue, and compared it to like being in space. He also revealed that he has been trying to arrange to hold a concert at the Taipei Arena for the past eight years, but because of a clash in schedules, he missed three previous opportunities to do so.

Thankfully, the stars finally aligned and he was able to secure a date. “I’m very happy because it’s been a while since I last met my Taiwan fans in a concert setting,” he gushed.

In addition to his career as a singer, Khalil is also the boss of his own independent music label FU Music, which he founded three years ago. He has also launched a children’s book series called Emi The Dream Catcher, which has a famous fan: Alyssa Chia’s daughter Bubu, who needs to read it every night before going to bed.

“The purpose of the book series is to give kids something to enjoy,” said Khalil. “I’m very happy because I’ve received a lot of positive feedback. Matilda Tao and Kay Tse have also spoken to me about the book.”

With so much on his plate, concern was shown for Khalil’s health, as he had suffered from a collapsed lung in 2010. He assured everyone that his physical condition has improved a lot, and that he has been making sure to get enough rest every day. “I don’t schedule regular check-ups for my lungs but there hasn’t been a relapse for two to three years.”

Photos: TPG