Kevin Cheng wants future kids to look more like Grace Chan

The pair is clearly still in their honeymoon period

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Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng have dived back into work straight after their wedding in Bali, with Grace previously revealing details about how Kevin proposed at her first public appearance after becoming Mrs. Cheng.

This time around, the couple has made their first appearance as husband and wife at an event, and answered questions about how married life has been. As it suddenly started pouring just before the red carpet, Kevin held an umbrella up for the both of them as they fielded questions from the media, which led many to commend him on his gentlemanly behaviour.

Grace was asked to grade her husband’s behaviour so far, to which she grinned, “I give him a hundred out of a hundred. I want to give him more than that, but I can’t!”

She also revealed that she cooked for Kevin for the first time this week. “I made steamed eggs, and I was rather disappointed because there were a lot of bubbles in it. He didn’t complain and ate all of it!” Explaining, Kevin pointed out, “If I don’t encourage her (by eating whatever she prepares), she won’t cook for me in the future. People learn from their mistakes, and since she’s so smart, she’ll definitely cook it really well the next time she tries it.”

As for their honeymoon plans, Kevin revealed that they are still trying to find a suitable time, but declined to reveal where they will be heading. As for their baby-making plans, Kevin mused, “We’ll have them when we do. I’ll be happy regardless of whether it’s a son or daughter (…) I only hope that they will look more like their mum.”

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