Kevin Cheng, Ben Wong and more took part in the recording of a tennis match for the Tung Wah Charity Gala in Hong Kong on December 5.

Ben revealed that it was Kevin who taught him to play tennis and gifted him with a set of tennis equipment 20 years ago. "I had nobody to play tennis with back then so I asked Ben to play with me," Kevin explained.

Kevin said that he would not be nervous about playing tennis with professional athletes, not because he is confident in his own skills, but because he knows he would never be able to beat them, so he would just have fun.

When asked if he usually plays tennis with his wife Grace Chan, Kevin said that they had only done so once as Grace prefers other sports. He also shared that he treats his pregnant wife like a queen and often reminds her to wear flat shoes instead of high heels.

In other news, Hugo Wong was reported to have impregnated a female fan. Ben admitted that he was surprised when he read about the news. "The last time I saw [Hugo], he didn't seem affected by the rumours at all," he said.

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