Kevin Cheng on the woes of first-time parenthood

“I truly understand why some mums suffer from post-natal depression now,” the actor said


Celebrity couple Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Rafael earlier last month. Their ‘little prince’, as Kevin calls him, celebrated his first month with a tennis-themed party last week.

In a recent interview, Kevin shared more about his experience as a first-time father, coming clean about the woes and perils of parenthood.

“It’s only been one month since he (Rafael) was born, and our family really needs me right now. It’s tough for Grace to handle everything on her own. This ‘little prince’ of ours is really mischievous. You must pacify him quickly (whenever he cries), if you’re one step slower, he’ll cry like there’s no tomorrow!” the actor shared.

Continuing on, he said, “I finally understand why some mothers suffer from post-natal depression after giving birth. Even I feel like I might be depressed. This (situation) is really something that will make you go crazy, it’s really hard to deal with. Filming is a hundred times simpler (compared to taking care of a newborn).”


When the reporter asked if the couple have plans for a second child, Kevin replied immediately, “Let me get through this stage first, I need to calm my nerves. The simple task of leaving the house fills me with worry and concern now. My entire life, my way of thinking and attitude has changed. Now, my kid is my first priority, and I’m the very last.”

The actor also shared that he has no plans to leave Hong Kong for work right now. 

“During this period, it’s impossible for me to leave Hong Kong, even for three months. The amount of money (I’m missing out on) doesn’t matter,” he said, sharing his intentions to put his family first.

Kevin and Grace tied the knot last August after dating for three years.

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