(Hong Kong December 12 2018) Park Shin Hye and Grace Chan were among the celebrities that attended a brand jewelry promotion conference in Hong Kong.

Park Shin Hye was asked about what she intends to do while she is in Hong Kong, to which she responded, "I want to try wonton noodles and enjoy the city's night scenery." She also talked about working with Hyun Bin in the drama Memories of the Alhambra

She said, "We were filming in Spain. We previously met while we were in Seoul, but it still felt a little awkward at first. However, after we had spent time together with the rest of the cast and crew, we felt very happy to have worked with each other."

Grace, who is currently pregnant with her first child, was also asked about how she and her husband Kevin Cheng are dealing with their bun in the oven.

"Kevin said that I have to inform him of my whereabouts all the time. I will stop working when my belly gets bigger, but for now, I will still be attending my work events as scheduled. I'll let everyone know the gender of my baby before Christmas, but I'll have to let our respective families know first," she smiled.

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