Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng has revealed that he was detained by police in Macau for 14 hours while filming his new movie The Invincible Dragon.

According to Kevin, who attended the film’s premiere in Hong Kong with co-stars Max Zhang, Stephy Tang, and Annie Liu on June 18, the incident happened after shooting a scene outside a police station.

“The director asked me to run in and out of the police station [for the scene], but little did we know it was actually the Office of the Secretary for Security and we did not have a permit to film there!” he recalled.

“After filming, I went to grab some coffee and suddenly got a call asking me to go to the police station because I was wanted for questioning. I was shocked!”

Of course, Kevin gave his wife, actress Grace Chan, a call to update her on his unfortunate situation, but she did not seem perturbed by the news. She didn’t have anything to worry about anyway - Kevin reported that the officers were very nice to him, and even asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner.

“I ordered baked pork chops with rice, which is famous in Macau,” he chuckled.

Photos: TPG

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