Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan’s son can’t get enough of swimming

It seems like the 10-month-old’s favourite activity is splashing around in the pool.


Celebrity couple Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan’s baby boy, Rafael, has been captivating fans and netizens alike with his doe-eyed looks. Photos of Rafael on the couple’s Instagram pages frequently receive comments cooing over the 10-month-old.

Yesterday (Dec 3), Grace uploaded pictures of the family-of-three’s latest outing at a swimming pool in Hong Kong.

Although the weather in Hong Kong dipped to a low of 13.80 Celsius that day, the trio had a blast in the indoor pool, with Grace writing in her caption, "I love spending time with Rafa - as tiring as it may be sometimes. Whether we do things for the first time or the tenth time, it’s so rewarding seeing him getting more used to his surroundings and learning to enjoy himself.”

She also went on to share that although Rafael looked entirely at home in the water, he was actually terrified during his first swim.

"The first time we went swimming Rafa was so confused and terrified! Now, he can’t get enough of the water! It doesn’t hurt that he has TWO great coaches right? (sic)”

It appears that swimming is the family’s favourite bonding activity. They also hit the pool  during their recent visit to Singapore in October.

Kevin and Grace tied the knot in Bali last August after three years of dating.

Photos: PBE Media

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