Kenneth Ma still keeps in contact with Jacqueline Wong

What a nice guy.


Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma’s recent Best Actor win for his performance in the drama Big White Duel at the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards attracted a lot of attention, as it was the actor’s first time winning the award after more than 20 years in the industry.

The news of Kenneth’s win understandably made its way to his ex-girlfriend, Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong. The couple publicly broken up last year after a video of Jacqueline cheating on Kenneth with married actor-singer Andy Hui surfaced.

At a celebratory party with the cast and crew of Big White Duel, Kenneth was asked if Jacqueline had contacted him after his win. He confirmed that she sent him a congratulatory text.

The actor then revealed that he had thanked his ex, and sent her words of encouragement as well. Reporters then continued to ask Kenneth if he had any comments regarding the reports that Jacqueline had “lost a considerable amount of weight” upon returning to Hong Kong.

His reply was kept detached and politically correct: “I think she’s been keeping fit (recently)”.

In related news, Jacqueline uploaded a photo of herself in exercise gear on Instagram on January 23 with the caption, “ As you get older, you’ll realise the best birthday presents are ones that can’t be gift-wrapped. Good health. Inner peace.”


Photos: PBE Media

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