Kenneth Ma sparks wedding rumours with ring purchase

He has once again refuted the claims

kenneth ma jacqueline wong wedding marriage

Kenneth Ma and Jacqueline Wong paid a visit to Singapore in March this year, where we – along with everyone else – asked them about their plans to get married. The pair maintained that while they hope that it will happen eventually, there are no concrete plans right now as they have never discussed the topic.

That, however, hasn’t stopped marriage rumours from circulating once again as Kenneth was recently rumoured to have purchased rings for the two of them. He previously purchased a home, where he is living with his family. At the time, he shared that he will have to buy another house should he get married, but that the sky-high property prices in Hong Kong are “very scary”.

Hong Kong reporters caught up with Kenneth at a recent event, where he maintained, “We’ve never talked about marriage. She’s still young, and she hopes to work hard on her career. The magazines (that spread these rumours) are very interesting because they’ve planned out so many things even before we started discussing them.”

As for whether he intends to continue living with his parents after marriage, the actor said, “I haven’t thought about it, but it’s true that I’ve been finding ways to earn more money. This is something that I want to do on my own, and has nothing to do with my relationship. People who know me also know that I’m always thinking about ways to increase my savings, because I need a security net in case anything happens to me in this industry. Finding a good investment plan would be ideal.”

He remained coy about the topic of the ring purchase, which is said to have cost him a cool HK$300,000 (S$35,000), and Kenneth chuckled, “I don’t feel the pinch (by spending that amount of money). Usually, I’ll plan my finances in advance if I want to buy something, and I’ll only make the purchase if I’m sure that I’ll be able to fund it. Please don’t misunderstand it as her using my money. She earns good money too, and she’s able to buy things that I want too.”

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