Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Ali Lee and more attended the premiere of their new TV series Big White Duel in Hong Kong on June 3.

Kenneth and Natalie, who previously played siblings, now play a divorced couple in the show. When asked if it was awkward having to film intimate scenes with one another, Natalie said it was not. “In fact, it was great to have a respected senior like Kenneth to guide me along,” she gushed.

Kenneth shared that his character this time around is quite different from his earlier roles, as it is much more “macho”. “But I’m very happy because they managed to make me look so handsome on film!” he quipped. Natalie agreed with a laugh, claiming that this is the best her co-star has ever looked in a TV show.

According to online reports, Kenneth was allegedly so heartbroken after Jacqueline Wong cheated on him that he declared that he would no longer date Hong Kong women because they are too vain. However, when asked about this matter, he clarified that he never made such a statement.

He also said that the incident did not affect his work in any way, then refrained from commenting further on Jacqueline, including her reported debts. “The company has already responded about these matters,” he said. “And besides, I don’t know anything about them.”

Photos: TPG