Kenneth Ma attended a fashion event in Hong Kong on June 13. Although the actor often has to dress up for public appearances, he shared that he usually prefers more casual, comfortable clothes when he’s off duty.

His latest drama Big White Duel recently began airing, but according to Kenneth, he hasn’t had time to read netizens’ reviews. He also admitted to not paying too much attention to the viewership ratings.

Now that filming is all done, Kenneth was asked if he will be taking a vacation for some much needed rest and relaxation. “Yes!” he said with a laugh. “A lot of things have happened recently, so I need some time off to collect my thoughts.”

Also at the event was Jess Sum, who showed up wearing a low-cut dress. “My husband wouldn’t mind me dressing like this,” she said. “He is always very supportive of me, and told me that I look pretty.”

Since leaving TVB, the actress has been busy working on a new movie, in which she had the chance to try shooting a gun for the very first time. “It’s been very challenging yet exciting for me,” she said.

Photos: TPG