Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Roger Kwok, Ali Lee, Crystal Fung, Matthew Ho, and more made a public appearance at a Hong Kong mall dressed like their doctor characters to promote their new drama Big White Duel on June 9.

For the first time ever, good friends Kenneth and Natalie got to play a divorced couple in the series. However, they revealed that there were never any awkward moments between them. In fact, Kenneth admitted to requesting for even more intimate scenes, and praised Natalie for being a good kisser. “She never felt like a little sister to me on set,” he shared.

When asked if her rumoured boyfriend, education consultant Samuel Chan, would get jealous of her intimate scenes with Kenneth, Natalie responded, “I’m single. What does that have to do with him?”

Meanwhile, Crystal boldly declared if the ratings cross the 40-point mark, she will seriously consider marrying her doctor boyfriend. This prompted Matthew to jokingly ask if she is actually not willing to settling down, as it is difficult to reach 30 points, let alone 40. Unperturbed, Crystal stated that she has a lot of faith that the drama will do well.

Photos: TPG

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