Kenneth Ma: Jacqueline Wong is still my friend

The actor stood up for his ex-girlfriend, asking the public to leave her alone

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Kenneth Ma has finally put an end to the speculation by confirming that he has broken up with fellow Hong Kong actor Jacqueline Wong. This comes after the widely-publicised video of her and Andy Hui, who is married to Sammi Cheng, making out in the backseat of a car caused an uproar online.

After he confirmed the news, Taiwanese media outlets asked him if he is still on friendly terms with his ex, to which he shared, “She’s still my friend. There’s no need for me to cut her off completely and we can still be on friendly terms.”

The 45-year-old continued that the public need not demonise Jacqueline for what she did, and should put a stop to the attacks on her. “There’s no need for anyone to keep hounding her about it. She knows what she did was wrong,” he explained.

However, he drew the line at responding to questions on whether there is any possibility of him ever getting back with her. He also refused to comment on whether he is still in touch with her, and clarified that he is not trying to speak up for her. “I’m not helping her; neither is there a need to help her in the first place,” he declared.

Kenneth ended the interview by saying that he has said what needs to be said, and will now focus his attention on his work, as he has a packed filming schedule for the next few months.

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