Kenneth Ma is no longer angry with cheating girlfriend

“We still have many things that we have to face together”


All eyes have been on Kenneth Ma and Sammi Cheng after it was announced that their respective partners, Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong, had an affair.

Both Andy and Jacqueline have since stepped up to make their respective apologies.

Kenneth, who is currently filming upcoming drama The Exorcist’s Meter 2, spoke to the media for the first time since the scandal broke, sharing that he “stopped being angry soon after finding out about” his cheating girlfriend.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday on set, the Hong Kong actor said, “She knows that she has done wrong. She’s still quite young, and there’s still a long road ahead for her.” Asking the media to convey his message that the public need not worry about him, he continued, “Moving forward, my focus will still be on my work, and I hope that this won’t affect the filming schedule.”

“I know that Andy has spoken about the matter, and I won’t comment on what he said because I feel that nobody except for his wife should be criticising whatever he has said,” the 45-year-old continued.

Although he did not mention if he will be breaking up with Jacqueline, he maintained that he is “determined that we still have many things that we have to face together in the future”.


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