Patrick Tse, Jacqueline Wong, Raymond Wong and more stars held a press conference to promote their new series Forensic Heroes 4 in Hong Kong on October 24.

Patrick, who has not appeared in a drama in a very long time, shared that he asked for a role from the producer, and that he was even willing to act for free, despite not being very familiar with today's young actors.

Jacqueline kept her hair long for her role. "I haven't had such long hair in four years," she said. "I like my new hairstyle, and [my boyfriend] Kenneth Ma finds it refreshing."

Jacqueline had recently flown to Australia for her sister’s wedding ceremony. "I was very touched and cried many times," she revealed. "Although Kenneth does not want to rush into marriage, I do want to have a family of my own. My father's condition is not so good, and I hope he will be able to attend our wedding ceremony."

Raymond addressed the rumours of his wife sending flirty text messages to another man, saying, "This is a very serious accusation. My children's classmates could ask them about it, and my wife is also not very happy. I know she is a very strong woman, but I also need to protect my family."

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