Well, it's about time. TVB actor Kenneth Ma finally joined Instagram and he shared his first post yesterday (Jun 9). The 46-year-old reportedly gained around 18,000 followers in just 12 hours, and, at the time of writing, that figure has already more than quadrupled to over 81,000 (the number keeps rising as we refresh the page).

“[A] new beginning… I am Kenneth Ma,” he wrote next to a photo of him fixing his hair in what looks like a very luxurious bathroom.

His fans and famous friends are certainly pleased to see him. “What the heck!!! You’re finally here!!” exclaimed actress Eliza Sam, while Sisley Choi very dramatically proclaimed, “This new beginning brings a lot of hope to the world! Turn the impossible into the possible!!!!” (Nice to see such enthusiastic and positive energy.)

Before long, the media began scrutinising who he is following. At the moment, Kenneth is only following 27 accounts, most of whom are his fellow Hongkong stars such as Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Grace Chan, Selena Lee, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Sisley, and Eliza.

Also on the list are his ex-girlfriend Nancy Wu, whom he dated for two years and has remained friends with, as well as his rumoured new squeeze Natalie Tong. However, despite standing up for her in the past, it looks like Kenneth isn’t keen on seeing what his cheating ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wong is up to ‘cos her profile is nowhere to be found on his following list.