Kenneth Ma has gained many new fans thanks to his role in ongoing TVB medical drama Big White Duel - including his own friends.

Speaking at a promotional event for the series in Hong Kong yesterday (Jun 27), the actor reported that his pals have high praise for his character. “They told me that they never realised I could be so cool, but I don’t know whether to be happy about that or not because I’ve been acting for over 20 years!” he chuckled.

Even his own family are avid followers of the show, and he will join them to catch up on the latest episodes whenever he can. When asked if his mother thinks he looks very handsome on screen, he replied with a laugh, “Well, she doesn’t tell me that, maybe because I’m usually sitting beside her [when she’s watching the drama]!”

In other news, disgraced actress Jacqueline Wong was said to have begged Kenneth to visit her in the United States, where she fled to in order to escape the media attention following her cheating scandal with Andy Hui. However, Kenneth did not seem amused to be asked about this, and responded, “It’s been so long - why are you still bringing this up?”

He seemed happier to talk about other reports that TVB intends to pair him up with his ex-girlfriend, actress Nancy Wu, in an upcoming drama. “As far as I know, we’re not involved in any upcoming projects together,” he clarified. “But it’s been a long time since we last worked together, and she is a very good actress, so I do not mind collaborating with her again.”

Photos: TPG