Kenneth Ma declines commenting on Jacqueline Wong's latest move

She was spotted for the first time in public after her cheating scandal


After her cheating scandal with married Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui was revealed in the press, Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong was hit with a slew of media reports alleging that she is a serial cheater, often bringing other males back to her home. Despite releasing an apology the day after the scandal first broke, public sentiment towards the 30-year-old is at an all-time low.

Last Friday (April 26), Jacqueline was spotted at the airport in Los Angeles. She was accompanied by a female friend at the airport, and wore a black cap with a grey mask, seemingly in order to mask her identity. 

The duo were met by a number of reporters at the airport, who had caught wind of the actress’s flight schedule. Jacqueline was bombarded with a number of questions from the reporters, who asked if she planned to apologise to Kenneth Ma or Sammi Cheng. They also asked if she was in Los Angeles to escape the media scrutiny in Hong Kong, as well as confirming if she and Kenneth are still an item.

As Jacqueline and her friend walked out of the airport, the actress kept her head down, and did not answer, while her friend replied, “She will not say anything”. They then left the airport in a taxi.

According to reports, Jacqueline had actually flown to Macau a few days earlier to stay with her sister. On Thursday (April 25), she then flew to the Philippines, before transiting and heading to Los Angeles.

Jacqueline, who was born in New York, attended university in Vancouver, Canada. As the actress had previously mentioned that she intended to take up acting and directing classes in Los Angeles, it is believed that she will be staying in the city for the next few months to attend classes there.

Back in Hong Kong, Kenneth was approached by reporters who asked for his opinion on Jacqueline’s departure from Hong Kong. However, all he would say was “I will not be responding to these questions. Thank you for your concern”. 

TVB executive Virginia Lok also confirmed that the company had known of Jacqueline’s plans beforehand. “We've discussed this with her and wish to give her some time off. She has officially applied for leave and we have approved it."

Photos: PBE Media

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