Kenji Wu said to be dating someone 13 years younger

He has reportedly been in a relationship with Taiwanese actress Katie Chen since last year

kenji wu katie chen

Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu’s love life has been the subject of much interest after he confirmed that he broke up with his girlfriend of four years, casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s daughter, Laurinda Ho, in December 2015.

Since his breakup with Laurinda, Kenji has not had any public relationships. However, following his mother’s passing in January, he was spotted leaving his home with Taiwanese actress Katie Chen on February 24, and the pair were headed to pay their respects to Kenji’s mother together.

They have reportedly been dating for about six months, and when Kenji’s mother was in hospital, Katie is said to have been among the group of friends who would visit her as the singer was too busy working in China to do so regularly. Katie is also said to have flew back and forth from China in order to pass letters between mother and son.

Not responding directly to the dating rumours, Kenji only said, “She was there to accompany and look after my mother before she passed away, so I’m very grateful to her.”

With Kenji being born in 1979, the noticeable 13-year age gap between the couple has also been the talking point of netizens, with some wondering if it will affect their eventual plans for marriage.

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