Things have not been smooth-sailing for Kenji Wu lately. After his mother passed away last year, his self-directed passion project Crazy Little Things tanked at the box office, reportedly leading to massive financial losses for him.

Yesterday (Aug 15), the Taiwanese singer held a press conference in Taipei to announce that he has joined a new record label, Pourquoi Pas Music, in a bid to resume his singing career. When he entered the venue, he bent down to pick up a microphone from the floor, as if directly responding to the time he left a promotional event for his last album Humorous Life after tossing the microphone on the ground in 2016.

Although Kenji refrained from revealing exactly how much he lost because of his film’s dismal earnings, he confirmed that his personal savings did suffer a blow. He also reassured everyone that if there were any debts, they have all been cleared.

As difficult as it was to lose so much money, the 39-year-old said the hardest thing to face was the death of his mother. One of his deepest regrets was not being able to be by her side, as he was too busy shooting his movie in China. Fortunately, his good friends helped to take care of her in his absence, including his girlfriend, actress Katie Chen.

When asked what his mother thought of Katie, Kenji said that she liked her very much. He also revealed that the couple has been dating for close to two years, and that their relationship is still going strong. “We spent her birthday together the other day, and it was a very happy celebration,” he gushed.

Photos: TPG