Ken Chu has finally found happiness after getting rid of his F4 label

“I can do whatever I want in terms of music or other aspects, and it feels great!”

Back in the early 2000s, the members of F4 were the objects of many fans’ adoration - be it Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu or Vanness Wu. Almost two decades later, the quartet are no longer into teenybopper music, and have now established careers of their own. 

Ken, who turned 40 in January, shared in a recent interview, “Back then, I wasn’t happy when I was a part of F4. I simply wasn’t happy regardless of what I did. But now, I can do whatever I want in terms of music or other aspects, and it feels great!”

After marrying Chinese actress Vivian Han in 2016, he relocated to Beijing, where he started attending the University of International Business and Economics. On September 23, he posted photos of himself at the university’s graduation ceremony, sharing that he’s finally completed his degree in retail management.

When asked by the media if he and Vivian have any plans to have children, he mused, “I could ignore the fact that I have fibromyalgia and just try to have a kid, but would it be fair to my child if he or she was born with my condition?”

Fibromyalgia is not passed directly from parent to child, but the odds of developing the condition are markedly higher in the immediate family members of people who have the condition.

Ken has been vocal about his battle with fibromyalgia, and has to deal with constant muscle pains every single minute of the day. He let on that he was once depressed because of his condition, and had to cut down on his workload drastically to manage it.

“I think I’m blessed to have been able to go for treatments three to four times a week to manage my condition. I can also think about accepting it and thriving in spite of it.”

Photos: PBE Media

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