Kelly Huang blasts media for turning up at her divorce proceedings

She expressed her unhappiness in two strongly worded Facebook posts

kelly huang divorce

In December last year, news of Taiwanese actress Kelly Huang and basketball player Ho Shou Cheng getting a divorce emerged, with many surprised that the pair would be going their separate ways.

At the time, reports claimed that the reasons for their split ranged from Kelly’s inability to conceive, and some even said that there was a third party involved. However, the pair maintained their silence on the real reason behind their divorce.

Earlier this week, the former couple was spotted at the government office to finalise their divorce. They previously registered their marriage in the United States back in 2012, and had to mail their wedding papers back to Taiwan to formally file for their wedding certificate as well.

Both their wedding and divorce papers were filed in the same day, officially ending their five years as a wedded couple. Kelly is understood to not have asked for anything following their split, including spousal maintenance.

However, Kelly was extremely upset at the media turning up at their divorce proceedings, and posted two strongly worded Facebook updates to express her dissatisfaction. The first read, “A divorce is a divorce. Why must the media come and take our pictures?”

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The second was longer, and said, “Finalising a divorce should be something very low-key. Our private matters shouldn’t be the subject of such close scrutiny. (Shou Cheng) said he didn’t know about it either, and that he was shocked by (the media’s appearance) too. I believe that Mr. Ho wouldn’t do such a thing.”

She continued, “As for who tipped the media off, I’m sure the person knows who he/she is. From now on, we won’t blame each other, but quietly wish each other well. At the very least, we truly loved each other, and we don’t want to hurt each other more. I’ll deal with everything bravely and won’t pay any attention to what others say.”

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