Hong Kong singer-actress Kelly Chen had shot a public service ad with children for the Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement. At an event on September 27, she revealed that she feels "less pressure when working with children". "As a mother, I know how to communicate with them."

The school term has already begun for a month, and Kelly's two sons have already gotten used to school life. "I have more time and space for myself in the day," she said. "But as soon as they get back home, I need to help them with their homework. My eldest son’s homework has become harder, so sometimes I need to ask my husband for help!"

She also talked about the cartoons her sons have been watching. "They learned how to kiss a princess from the cartoons. I said, 'Find your own princess to kiss, don't kiss me!'" she laughed.

Kelly and her husband will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary very soon. When asked about their plans, she said, "I don't think there will be any special celebrations; perhaps the entire family will just get together for a meal."

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