(Hong Kong September 02 2018) Kelly Chen and Julian Cheung attended the opening ceremony of a mooncake store in Hong Kong.

Kelly said, "We had planned to go camping, but there were too many mosquitoes around, so we ended up camping indoors. For my upcoming birthday, my two sons gifted me with paintings that they drew themselves, and my husband will buy me a new phone."

When she was asked about about Leon Lai’s daughter, Kelly said, "She looks so cute! She has beautiful skin just like her father." She was also asked if her sons will be paying a visit to Leon‘s daughter, Kelly quipped, "I don’t think a girl would want to play with boys."

Julian, who recently celebrated his birthday, shared that he received a wallet as a gift from his wife, Anita Yuen. He joked, "I've given her a lot of bags previously, so this is her way of gifting me something in return."

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