When you think of Kayly Loh, you might think of how she emerged as the winner of The 5 Search back in 2015, and subsequently starred in Channel 5’s Tanglin. What comes to mind might also be her more recent start in Channel 8, as she was part of the Babies On Board cast.

Did you know, however, that she’s got plenty more up her sleeve? One of her biggest loves – along with acting, of course – is flowers, and that’s something that she admits that she’s still trying to balance. As lady boss of a floral business called Bucket Full Of Roses, Kayly not only creates flower arrangements as gifts for that special someone, but also does deco for larger scale events such as events, parties and of course, weddings.

Her journey into the world of blooms has seen her do the floral arrangements for not one, but three of her Tanglin co-stars: Gayle Nerva, Charlie Goh and most recently, Rosalind Pho (or Roz Pho).

Roz’s wedding was something out of a fairytale (and nightmare) for Kayly, as she gushed that the venue itself, the S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, was a magical place that she never expected that she would decorate.

“I was like, wow, really, we’re going to make the magic happen there?” the 29-year-old chuckled. “But after that, I started stressing out because the timeline was really, really tight. I only had an hour to get everything set up, and we had sakuras (cherry blossom) to place and all that, so it was really challenging.”

So stressful was the situation that Kayly started having nightmares about not being able to make the deadline, as she quipped, “The night before the wedding, I had a nightmare that I was stuck in the cargo lift and I wasn’t able to do the wedding (decorations). I was so stressed out that I got to the loading bay on the day of the wedding really early. I told myself, no, I cannot be late, no, I cannot get stuck in the cargo lift and everything has to go according to plan.”

Her worries were for naught as she and her team managed to set up the venue perfectly, as both Roz and her husband, Yohei Ueno, thanked her profusely for a job well done after the event was over. “Yohei came over and hugged me and said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is better than what I imagined it to be.’ He’s not good at visualising so he didn’t know how it would turn out and he was a bit worried, but everything turned out okay and he was really happy, and that’s the objective: making them happy. That’s why I was happy too.”

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