Kate Tsui to retire from showbiz and emigrate to Europe

The actress is reported to have sold off all her assets in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui, who made her showbiz debut in 2004 after winning the Miss Hong Kong pageant, will be retiring from the industry.

The 40-year-old made the announcement after her contract with Hong Kong entertainer Wong Cho-lam’s management agency ended. In an interview, she shed more light on the factors that played a part in her decision.

Kate, who recently went back to school to pursue a master’s degree in psychology, shared that she really enjoys studying, and that she wishes to go overseas to obtain a PhD in psychology.

“I’ll settle down in a foreign country to give myself more time and space to pursue what I truly want to do,” she said.

The actress also shared more about her time in the spotlight, sharing that she felt as if she was unable to “truly be herself”. Elaborating more on her statement, she said that she felt as if she were putting on an image when it came to work, taking two hours to put on her makeup everyday.

The undue pressure and stress that she felt eventually pushed her to leave TVB and sign with Cho-lam’s agency.

“I felt like it was always other people taking care of me and [as if I were contained] in a greenhouse, causing me to become ignorant of many things, not knowing when to advance or retreat,” she said, adding, “Other than work, I feel as if I have a barrier when it comes to establishing interpersonal relationships. My character itself is flawed.”


This realisation that she does not know how to be kinder to herself only came to her recently. However, Kate strongly believes that “it would be better for me if I were to leave Hong Kong”.

“Hong Kong’s environment is too difficult. When you’re abroad, you don’t need to conform to the majority, and you can make decisions independently and think for yourself,” she said.

It is understood that the actress has since sold off all her assets in Hong Kong. Though she has yet to decide on a specific city to move to, she has her heart set on Europe.

“I’ve been flying a lot these six months, looking everywhere for a place that suits me. Actually, both Holland and Germany have schools specialising in psychology, and they’re both decent,” she continued, sharing that she does not intend to return to life as an actress in Hong Kong.

“This courageous act is a present to myself for my 40th birthday, so I wish to leave as soon as possible,” she said.

As for her love life, Kate shared that she has been single for a number of years, and that she is looking forward to finding love again. The actress believes that everything has been predestined, and that her true love is waiting for her overseas, which is why she is looking forward to her new life in another country.

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