Kate Tsui plans to leave TVB

Kate Tsui revealed that she plans to rest after her contract expires and concentrate on her studies

kate tsui

After the news of artistes Raymond Lam, Joey Meng and Myolie Wu’s departures from TVB, Hong Kong actress-singer Kate Tsui announced that she plans to throw in the towel on her 11-year acting career with the Hong Kong TV station too.

Although the 36-year-old have been consistently nominated for the Best Actress award for a grand total of six times at the annual TVB Anniversary Awards, she would always go home empty-handed.

In fact, due to the rise in the newer generation of artistes, the chances of her being nominated for the accolade this year aren’t looking good.

Kate appeared at an event at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong yesterday and explained her situation, “Awards aren’t everything. After starring in all these movies, I feel that it’s time for me to try out a different job… The company and I have reached an agreement about this because I need time to allow myself to rest.”

Her future plans after her contract expires are still unconfirmed, but she said, “I’m currently studying a course in jewellery design, but I may try out something new in future. For now, I just plan to stop acting.”

She continued to explain that different agencies have already tried to ask her to sign on, but she hasn’t confirmed anything yet as she will be focusing on her studies for now.

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