Kate Tsui breaks into tears when asked to kill rats

The Hong Kong actress almost gave up her role when she had to film a scene killing rats


Hong Kong-born and Canadian-bred actress Kate Tsui challenged her limits when she had to kill a rat for her new horror film.

The 35-year-old reportedly broke down twice on set. She wailed loudly and mumbled to herself repeatedly, drawing speculations that she may have seen a ghost while filming.

The actress plays the role of an autistic girl working at a funeral shop in her upcoming film Knock Knock! Who’s There directed by Carrie Ng. Kate had initially turned down the role when she knew that she had to cut up a rat. However, she was later moved to challenge her role after Carrie personally met up with her to discuss the film in detail.


While filming on the night of Jan 7, Kate swiftly completed an earlier scene where her role became hysterical after being bugged incessantly by a strange voice. Though she was given the green light to stop, Kate could not contain her emotions and continued to weep. She even needed help from crew members to calm her down.

Then, Kate proceeded to film the traumatising rat scene, initially appearing calm while seated next to a table. However, she burst into tears immediately and could not regain her composure for a long time after a bunch of white rats were brought out.
Kate loitered outside the funeral shop even after the crew had requested her to take her place, repeatedly mumbling words like “sorry” while hitting her chest like she was mentally unstable.

Though the crew felt deeply concerned if she could continue, Kate later picked up her courage and completed the scene.

Known by many as a bold and daring individual, Kate reportedly brought home paper offerings for the dead for her preparation prior to the filming, even after several crew members have dissuaded her.

A friend of Kate also revealed that the actress began to act weirdly ever since the filming started, claiming that people who were unaware of her fear of killing rats may attribute her weird behaviour to other reasons.

“It is unlucky to bring stuff like paper offerings home and even more so especially when she lives alone. Ever since she began filming for this movie, she became very quiet. She would be in a daze all day and not respond even when you talk to her,” Kate’s friend said.


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