Actress Karena Lam attended the lensing ceremony for her husband Steve Yuen's new film No Suspicious Cause of Death (rough translation) in Hong Kong on December 4.

Her frumpy clothes and styling were a far cry from her usual polished, goddess-like image. "Nobody would recognise me if I went to the market looking like this!" she laughed. "This is my first time dressing like this for a role; most directors want me to look as beautiful as possible, but this director is different." Her husband piped up, "It's a different kind of beauty!"

When asked for her thoughts on working with her husband, Karena admitted that she's actually quite stressed out because since he has already seen "every side" of her, she's wondering how she can surprise him.

"Another problem is that we won't have much time to spend with our daughters," she added. "Now that they're older, they understand what we do, so we will try to finish shooting this before Christmas, and then take the girls overseas for a family trip together."

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