Karen Mok sets world record during concert tour

The pop diva's show in Lhasa, Tibet, is the concert held at the highest-ever altitude.


In May, pop diva Karen Mok announced that she intends to retire from concert tours, to the surprise of many, as she was in the middle of her The Ultimate Karen Mok Show concert tour.

However, it seems that the 48-year-old will not be going out without a bang, as she has set the record for the concert held at the highest altitude.

At the Tibetan stop of her concert tour, Karen held a concert at the Lhasa Masses Culture & Sports Centre, which is located 3646 meters above sea level. The concert took place on October 12.


At the end of Karen’s concert, a Guinness World Records Certification Officer came on-stage to present the singer with the certificate. After receiving the certificate, Karen couldn’t help but to show her excitement, running around the stage and hugging her staff members.

Karen later took to her Weibo to share her achievement, writing, “This is a new milestone in my performing arts career. I wish to share with everyone this moving and precious moment. To be able to successfully challenge the Guinness World Record, it’s (because of) every one of you! Once again, thank you all!”


Singer Chyi Chin reportedly held a concert in the same city in 1998, where he shared that the high altitude had affected his singing negatively. “The air is thinner here, I can hold my notes for quite a long time usually, but over here, I’ll run out of breath halfway. Singing at (such a high-altitude) is indeed a very taxing affair,” he said.

Similarly, singer G.E.M. Tang has previously held a concert at a location that was close to 2000 metres above sea level. After the concert, she uploaded a picture of her using an oxygen tank, describing it as the first time she had to rely on canned oxygen for a concert due to the thinner air there.

Photos: PBE Media

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