Karen Hu credits Alyssa Chia for giving her the courage to end her marriage

The actress confirmed she was divorcing her husband of 12 years last week.


Last week, Taiwanese actress Karen Hu formally announced the end of her marriage to plastic surgeon Li Jinliang. The couple, who tied the knot in 2007, have a 12-year-old daughter named Emma together.

In 2012, Karen told the media that she intended to divorce Jinliang after the plastic surgeon was photographed cheating on her. However, it appears that the couple did not officially go through with the divorce, despite living separately for the past seven years, until recently.

At the press conference of an upcoming show, which she hosted, Karen went into more details about her divorce, sharing that she had always felt that there was no pressing need to get divorced because to her, there was no difference between remaining married or getting divorced.

However, after seeing how happy fellow actress Alyssa Chia was after getting divorced and meeting her current husband, actor Xiu Jie Kai, Karen decided to give herself another chance to fall in love.

The 34-year-old also revealed that she had also been afraid that the divorce would negatively affect her daughter. However, one night, Emma confessed to her, “Mum, I’ve been too selfish. I hope that you’ll be happy, and that you’ll have someone who will dote on you.”

Hearing Emma’s confession moved Karen to tears, and the actress then decided to formally get a divorce from her husband.


“[My ex-husband and I] have been living separately for seven years, and our daughter has since grown up as well. Of course, there were tears, and [I felt] upset, but my daughter has given me her blessings,” she shared, adding that her father, host Hu Gua, as well as her friends have approved of her decision as well.

“I've finally jumped out of my grave, and I won’t ever return to this cemetery in the future,” Karen declared.

Karen also shared that she remains “good friends” with her ex-husband. When asked about his rumoured girlfriend, Karen replied that she had harboured feelings of hatred towards her at first. However, she has since let go of this negativity and given her blessings to the couple, saying,“They’ve been together for so long, they should be quite suited for each other.”

As for Karen herself, it seems that love might just be around the corner, having been spotted entering the studio of actor Sphinx Ding’s older brother, Johnny Ting. However, Karen shared that Johnny is just a “gym buddy” and that she intends to enjoy life as a singleton for a bit before rushing into another relationship.

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