Kara Wai, Benjamin Yuen, Bowie Cheung and more stars attended the wrap party for their drama The Defected in Hong Kong on September 10.

Kara, who is making her drama comeback in many years, said, "I’m satisfied with my pay, but it was really hard to film in long-sleeved clothes in such hot weather." The veteran actress then praised her co-star Benjamin, saying, "He is a good actor. He lost 20 pounds in seven days for his role, and he looked very thin during filming."

Kara revealed that she ruptured a blood vessel in her foot because of too much pressure, but she did not have time to see a doctor yet, so she just wore a pair of black stockings to the event.

When asked for their thoughts on the recent news that Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin will get married in October, Benjamin said, "I just got the news. Congratulations to them!" Bowie said, "I sent a message to Phoebe. I'm so happy for her!"

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