Benjamin Yuen, Kara Wai, Sisley Choi, Bowie Cheung, and more attended the premiere of their new TV series The Defected in Hong Kong on April 1.

Kara, who has not appeared in a TV series in a long time, admitted that she was very nervous about the reception of her new project (even more so than she was for her previous movies). In fact, she has been anxiously monitoring the show's click-through rates in China.

When asked if she would continue to shoot more television dramas, Kara said that she has always been open to working on a series, but she was rarely offered the chance to do so.

The veteran actress then gushed about working with Benjamin for the first time. "I've always admired him; he is such a good actor," she said, adding that she is confident that he will be awarded Best Actor soon.

According to Benjamin, the show surpassed 3 million clicks in just 10 minutes in China, which greatly encouraged him. The actor had lost 20 pounds (about 9 kilogrammes) for the show, and he said the sacrifice was worth it. "I have always been looking for a breakthrough in my career," he said.