Kang Kang to take one month hiatus from work

The Taiwanese comedian will be going under the knife to remove a growth from his throat

kang kang

Taiwanese comedian Kang Kang made a shocking revelation on his Facebook page on Tuesday (October 16), writing that he will be taking a one month hiatus from work with immediate effect.

The 51-year-old, who cut his teeth as a supporting host beside the big-wigs of the Taiwanese variety circuit, shared that he had developed a growth in his throat recently, which needed to be removed via surgery. 

It is estimated that the comedian will need a month to recover from surgery, during which he cannot talk, or use his vocal cords. Though he has turned to behind-the-scenes work in recent years, as a director, the surgery will still affect his ability to work. Thus, he decided to take a break while he recuperates.

Kang Kang shared that he has been using his voice for work ever since he made his showbiz debut as a singer in a restaurant. Since then, he has hosted numerous shows, released an album, and more. Coupled with the fact that he did not take care of his throat when he was younger and  his love for hot and spicy food and drinking during parties, the 51-year-old lamented that it was inevitable that a problem would crop up eventually. 

The comedian also shared that he is choosing to look on the bright side, writing, “I don’t have much work scheduled during this period, and my wife’s pregnant now. So, while I’m resting, I can spend more time at home to be with my wife and children as well.”

Kang Kang tied the knot with his wife, Zhang Jiapei, in 2010 and the couple have a 6-year-old son, Matt. The couple announced in August that they were expecting their second child, a girl.

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Taiwanese comedian Kang Kang and wife expecting a baby girl

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