A press conference for new TV series Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner was held in Taipei on June 4, with the cast and director in attendance.

Actor Kaiser Chuang has a scene where his naked back is fully exposed as his character is taking a shower. He explained that the purpose of the scene was to show a former inmate trying to readjust to a normal life and habits out of prison. "Even though he has a mattress, he is more used to sleeping on the floor, and even though he has a shower head, he bathes with a water scoop," he said.

Actress Hsia Yu Chiao plays Kaiser's ex-girlfriend in the series, and expressed her excitement at finally getting the chance to collaborate with him. "I had to rely on him a lot on set," she shared. "For example, I don't have a lot of experience with intimate scenes, but thanks to Kaiser's guidance, I felt very secure."

Also having to get intimate for the drama were Janel Tsai and Yen Tsao, whose love scenes take place in a car. Janel admitted that she was a little distressed with the scene, saying, "I may look like a very open-minded person, but the truth is, I am actually very shy!"

It was then revealed that Yen had jokingly asked Janel what sort of "style" she would like to act out their love scene with, prompting the press conference host to tease him, saying, "You sound like you have a lot of experience in that area!" Janel then quipped back, "That's right, he does have a lot of experience!"

​​​​​​​Photos: TPG