Kai Ko wants to become a YouTuber

The actor revealed his plans on his Instagram


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who frequently holds question-and-answer sessions with his fans on his Instagram, recently revealed his intentions to become a YouTuber.

During one of his “ask me anything” sessions, in which he had described himself as an “unemployed man”, a fan asked the 27-year-old if he had any intention of opening a YouTube channel.

“I want to! I’m still thinking about what theme I should go with,” he wrote. 

Kai elaborated that he feels that it won't be enough to rely on his fame and looks to become a successful YouTuber, which was why he’s still thinking of a concept for his channel. He also added that he wishes to invite his fans for a meal for his very first video.

“For my first episode, I’ll invite 100 people to have a meal with me, and it'll be my treat!” he declared.

Kai first found fame after starring in the 2011 movie, You’re The Apple of My Eye, later cementing his fame with his appearance in the Tiny Times movie series. However, after being caught abusing marijuana in 2014, the actor’s star has fallen considerably.

Photos: PBE Media

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