Kai Ko spotted with a new girl

Kai Ko is suspected to have a new love interest in 23-year-old “Renee”


There is a new exciting addition to Taiwanese actor Kai Ko’s life, and we’re not talking about his new Ferrari.

Just a few days ago, Dream Girls member Tia Li denied being in a relationship with him on Here Comes Kangxi. Things are further complicated when Kai Ko was witnessed hanging out at a bar recently with his new suspected love interest, a 23-year-old “Renee” (whose real name is Dong Mengzhu) from the variety show University.

Although they were surrounded by a crowd of partygoers, the obvious and intimate interaction between the two suggested that they are more than friends.


Last Friday night, they went to watch the romance play Tou Tou Ai and were caught together again.

Kai Ko expressed on Facebook that he is just supporting his good friend who stars in the play, actor Marcus Chang, while”Renee” said that she was there for actress Bebe Chang. Their coincidental clarifications on social media have led netizens to be even more suspicious of the two.

Mutual friends said that “Renee” and Kai have been getting along well and observed that she would attend all the dinners with him. They also noticed that Kai Ko has stopped chasing after other girls too.   

Regarding the rumours about his new love, Kai Ko’s agent responded, “I did not hear Kai Ko mention anything about her in particular, but I know that they watched the play together.”

The representative also stressed that Kai is still single and is not dating anyone exclusively. He added that Kai only communicated with “Renee” via Facebook and met her a few times, usually with a group of friends.


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