Kai Ko nearly fell into depression after drug case

The Taiwanese actor attended his first TV programme since the scandal 


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko recently attended his first TV programme Change since his drug case last August. On the talk show, the 23-year-old revealed that he nearly fell into depression from all the hate he received.

Kai propelled to fame with his debut film You Are The Apple of My Eye, causing him to take success for granted. After his image was severely damaged by the scandal, the actor deeply regretted his actions. “There is not a moment in my life more painful than the day I was arrested,” Kai said.

Speaking on his time spent in the Beijing detention centre, Kai admitted that he was most afraid of getting recognised by the other cellmates. “When I met my family, all of us burst into tears,” he let on.

Following his return to Taiwan, Kai was saddened to realise that many of his so-called buddies began distancing themselves from him, while some even removed the actor from their Facebook friends list.

“There were six million comments scolding me [on my Facebook page]. I felt like I was abandoned by everyone and that it was so tiring to live. I didn’t know how to get out of my house [to face everyone]”, cried Kai.

In the past six months, the troubled actor gradually picked himself up and started doing charity work. “I will not allow myself to commit the same mistake again, if not I really deserve to die!” the Tiny Times star exclaimed.

As for his recent rumours with Taiwanese actress-singer Tia Li, Kai does not “rule out the possibility of bringing their friendship to the next level”.

During the programme, a video message recorded by Kai’s father was also played. He said: “There have been big changes to his attitude and lifestyle. It is the first time that I see my son being so motivated about his career.” 

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