Kai Ko clarifies he’s not living with Tia Li

Kai Ko said that he’s “on good terms” with rumoured girlfriend Tia Li


Taiwanese actor-singer Kai Ko attended a charity event two days ago and took the opportunity to celebrate his 24th birthday and when asked about his relationship with Dream Girls member Tia Li, he replied bluntly, “We’re on good terms.”

Tia and Kai have been under public scrutiny for months now, keeping everyone guessing about whether or not they are in a relationship, but 30-year-old Tia continued to deny it, as she said that the two are just friends and Kai was even spotted with a new girl.

However, rumours sparked again with new reports of the two living together when Tia was spotted heading to Kai’s home.

As a result, the 26-year-old actor clarified with a sigh that Tia is just a friend whom he has a good relationship with and nothing more, emphasising the fact that he is currently single as he feels that his circumstances right now will not allow a relationship.

Kai confessed that she had come over to hang out before, but did not stay over. He added, “When I’m in love, I will take my girl out and go sightseeing. If you refer to the way I was in the past, you’d know!”

The actor-singer also revealed that he does not plan to have a birthday party this year and wishes to “get [his] life back on track”, hoping to release something new in his career. He continued to say that his company is still making arrangements for a new acting deal for him.

Kai also admitted that he keeps in contact with Jaycee and smiled when he said, “There’s no need [to encourage each other], we’re both very optimistic.”

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