K-Hunk Kwon Sang Woo Owns $44mil Worth Of Real Estate

And he named one of his buildings after his son and wife. Aww…

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Kwon Sang Woo is one of Korea’s richest celebrities. But just how rich? It was recently revealed in a Korean variety show that the actor, who shot to fame with 2003’s Stairway to Heaven aka one of the original K-dramas that sparked the Hallyu wave, owns real estate with an estimated worth of a whopping 35.5billion won (S$44mil).

It’s said that Sang Woo, 40, who is married to actress Son Tae Young, whom he has a son and daughter with, developed his penchant for real estate after he started working more in China. Among the many properties he owns is a $2mil mansion on Australia’s Gold Coast. The home in Pangyo that Sang Woo and his family live in is reportedly built by a world renowned construction designer and is said to be worth $1.9mil.

The couple's two kids, son Ruk Hee (whose nickname is Rookie) and daughter Riho. 

Four years ago, the actor purchased a seven-storey building in Bundang-gu, a populous district in Seoul, for S$24mil. He then named the building Rookie 1129, after his son Ruk Hee and his mum’s birthday. He later bought a $7.2mil four-storey building in Cheongdam- dong, an upmarket part of Seoul known for its affluent residents, that he named Rookie 819. FYI: 819 is Tae Young’s birthday. The actor also procured a factory building for $9mil two years ago.

rookie1129 new
Rookie 1129 received an architectural award in Korea in 2013 for its progressive design and unique use of space.

Guess this Korean actor has a portfolio as good-looking as he is. And naming a building after your wife? Total baller move, dude. 

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