The fact that they were now married still hadn’t sunk in when we caught up with local singers Alfred Sim and Tay Kewei, less than two hours after they exchanged vows in an intimate solemnisation at Shangri-La Hotel.

“We still have a lunch to go, so everything’s really hectic right now,” Kewei confessed during our interview before their wedding luncheon this afternoon, as her new husband piped up, “We still have a lot of things to settle.”

The newlyweds, whose nine-year relationship came to light during the Project SuperStar 2014 finals (where Alfred was crowned grand champion), threw a lavish awards ceremony-themed gala for about 650 guests at the hotel’s Island Ballroom.

Among the familiar faces we spotted in the crowd include Dasmond Koh, musical duo The Freshman, Sora Ma, and of course, the rest of the Project SuperStar 2014 finalists. When we caught up with a few of them to collate their well-wishes, they urged the couple to quickly have a little one – perhaps even an SG50 baby.

But Kewei and Alfred have no intention to start a family this year. “We don’t have any real plans for kids, but perhaps in two to three years’ time?” said Kewei, laughing that the Jubilee Baby Bonus, a gift pack that will be presented to all Singaporean children born in 2015, is “not attractive enough” to encourage her to become a mother any sooner.

So what will motivate baby-making plans? “Nothing much, actually,” Alfred chuckled. “We’ll leave things to fate.” They previously revealed that their careers will take a higher priority for now.