Jung Joon Young admits to filming hidden camera videos

The singer was revealed to have a series of chat groups where he shared such videos


Korean singer Jung Joon Young, who is known to the general public as a cast member of the popular variety show 2 Days 1 Night, has admitted to filming hidden camera videos of females he had sexual encounters with. The videos were then subsequently shared in a series of chat groups he had with friends on Korean messaging application, KakaoTalk.

Korean news outlet SBS funE first reported that Joon Young was part of a chat group with embattled BIGBANG member Seungri, where the participants discussed and shared a number of hidden camera footage.

Later, news outlet Dispatch released snippets of the chat history, in which it was revealed that Joon Young had recorded videos of at least 10 women he had slept with. The women were unaware that they were being filmed, and some looked to be heavily inebriated. In the chat logs, Joon Young as well as a ‘Mr Kim’, often shared hidden camera footage of women that they had filmed.

Following the reports, Joon Young, who was filming a variety show in the United States, announced that he will be returning to Korea, to assist in police investigations.

In a statement made by his agency, MakeUs Entertainment, they shared that the singer has “decided to stop all of his work overseas, to return to Korean immediately”, and that he will “actively cooperate with the police in their investigations”.

Upon his return to Korea yesterday (March 12), he was mobbed by the press at the airport.

SBS also further released more details of his chat history, where it was revealed that the participants talked about feeding their sexual partner sleeping pills and rape. Other than Joon Young, the other participants in the particular chat group were identified as Mr Huh, Mr Park and Singer Choi.

On the same day (March 12), Joon Young released a letter of apology, where he admitted that the chat messages released were true, and that he had filmed the hidden camera footage mentioned in the chats.

“I admit to all my crimes,” a portion of his letter reads. “I filmed women without their consent, and shared them in a chatroom. While I did so, I did not feel a great sense of guilt.”

He then went on to apologise to the victims, who only learned about the footage via the news, and stated that he will be withdrawing from all his activities in the entertainment industry.

“I will sincerely take part in the investigations that will begin on the morning of March 14, without any lies, and I will accept the punishment for my actions,” he concluded.

Joon Young was previously accused of filming an ex-girlfriend without her consent in 2016. Charges were filed against him, but they were later dropped after she withdrew her accusation. He later held a press conference, where he apologised for his actions, and clarified that the filming was done with consent from both parties.

Photos: Jung Joon Young/Instagram

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