Hongkong actor Julian Cheung Chilam, 46, has been the subject of envy for many people over the years thanks to his perennially boyish good looks.

As it turns out, he has no beauty secrets; just superb genes passed down by his equally stunning and youthful-looking mum Jenny Cho, who’s reportedly a quarter-German from her father’s side.

She recently celebrated her 71st birthday with her extended clan — as she always does — with Julian, his uncle (Hongkong soft porn actor Charlie Cho) and model-actress aunt Anna Ueyama.

Julian’s wife, Anita Yuen, and their son Morton were not present in the photos taken at the shindig, though the duo were at Jenny’s 70th birthday bash last year.

The media immediately praised Jenny’s youthfulness and sharp style — she may be a legit grandma now, but she’s still rocking an edgy ash-blonde cropped haircut and smooth, supple skin.

She was also a beauty queen in her heyday, having won the 1962 Miss Hongkong Exhibition pageant. Which would explain why she’s still looking so flawless.

When Julian was 13, his parents divorced. He then moved with his dad to Australia, where he got his start in showbiz after being talent-scouted to be a singer. He married Anita in 2001 and the couple welcomed their son in 2006.

And it looks like Morton has inherited his family’s good genes too. Take a look for yourself in the photo gallery above.