Julian Chen’s outrageous dressing sparks rumours of mental instability

The former Little Tigers member has since denied the speculation


Julian Chen shot to fame after debuting as one of the three members of wildly popular Taiwanese boyband Little Tigers. His fellow members, Nicky Wu and Alec Su, have since become established actors after the group’s disbandment in 1995.

Julian, however, makes the headlines for a whole different reason these days. When he first debuted, he was well-received for his striking good looks and sleek fashion sense.

That has changed in recent years as the 47-year-old has become increasingly experimental in his hair and outfit choices. Originally hailed for his avant-garde style, these positive comments have since turned into mixed reviews as he has been photographed in, among others, a see-through raincoat paired with a translucent top, hot pants and lace-up boots.

Earlier this month, he strutted his stuff at Shanghai Fashion Week in a coat with no shirt inside, showing off his upper body. His flabby stomach has since sparked questions of why he chose to walk the runway in this outfit despite his less-than-ideal physique, which some netizens attributed to mental instability.

Julian has since cleared the air about this matter, sharing that these speculations are “unfounded rubbish”. He admitted that his belly is “a little big”, but continued that this is something that he is “continuously working on”.

Photos: PBE Media

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