South Korean actors Kim Yoon Seok and Ju Ji Hoon held a press conference to promote their new film Dark Figure of Crime in Seoul on August 18.

The film is based on a true story about a murderer who, while already serving time in prison, confesses to killing several other people but leaves only vague clues while playing mind games with the detective.

In order to portray his role of the killer more realistically, Ji Hoon shaved his head and did not wear makeup while filming. He shared that learning the Busan dialect was one of his biggest challenges for the role, saying it was almost like "a foreign language" and that he spent several months studying it before shooting commenced.

Yoon Seok remembered watching Ji Hoon in 2007's The Devil and said that he found him to be a very attractive actor who can freely alternate between darkness and lightness in his acting.

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