Hong Kong actresses Kara Wai and Joyce Tang had rehearsals for their upcoming stage play The Glass Menagerie in Hong Kong on December 11.

Kara shared that she has become less nervous over the past few days compared to when rehearsals first started, and that she is confident that she will do a good job and not forget her lines. "I may only have a little bit of stage fright on the day itself!" she said.

On the other hand, Joyce admitted that she is feeling very nervous about acting opposite Kara as her daughter. "Kara is very experienced in performing and has a fantastic memory, so I think all my pressure is because of her!" she laughed.

Since the show will be on during the New Year period, Kara and Joyce may not be able to celebrate with their families. "It's not unusual for me to have to work over the New Year," said Kara. "But this time, my family will be coming to watch me perform, so that's not too bad!"

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